Whilst a presentation with live orchestra offers the ultimate experience, we understand that there will be many venues unable to accommodate an event on this scale.


Because of this, and taking advantage of the fact that the majority of our specially commissioned scores have also been recorded, we have developed a special product - The HIFI Presentation – which allows these venues to screen the films with our scores and recreate as closely as possible the full Live Cinema experience.


For these screenings, which normally require the attendance of a Photoplay representative, the speed of the film running on the 35mm projector is manually varied during the performance so as to keep it perfectly in synch with a video copy (typically DVD) of the film which carries a stereophonic recording of the score. The score can thus be heard in the auditorium exactly in synch with the film. As well as a variable speed projector, and a suitable layout in the cabin, this special set-up usually requires our own purpose-built equipment (a microverter) to control the speed of the projector, though occasionally the venue’s own equipment may prove suitable.

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