Under the direction of Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury, Photoplay is one of the few independent companies to operate in this field and has been recognised as a driving force in the revival of interest in the lost world of silent cinema.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION - With programmes ranging from DW Griffith: Father of Film, to I’m King Kong! The Exploits of Merian C Cooper, Photoplay has an unrivalled reputation as a producer of film history documentaries. Impeccable research, specially shot interviews, high quality clips and cinematic editing are all part of the Photoplay standard.

LIVE CINEMA - Taking film back to its public has always been part of Photoplay’s mission. The Live Cinema revivals, which spread from the UK to theatres and concert halls around the world, have reaffirmed to modern audiences the power and artistry of the silent film. From this grew Photoplay’s unique library of prints with specially commissioned orchestral scores.

RESTORATION - For a silent film, visual quality was everything. With over 30 feature film projects to its credit, Photoplay has the knowledge and experience not only to restore a film wherever possible to its original content, but also to recreate as closely as it can the beauty of the original images.

ARCHIVE - Photoplay has built up an extensive archive of materials – interviews, images, footage – which are available for licensing for other projects.